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  • BDO NETHERLANDS - BDO Scope: Cyber security

BDO NETHERLANDS - BDO Scope: Cyber security

23 February 2017

Are you familiar with the domino effect?

One falls, knocking over another, and another. In the right hands, it's mesemerising – millions of colourful domino blocks tumbling artfully against each other in ingenious patterns. Yet one accidental tap while setting it up and it’s a disaster.

I was reminded of it when compiling this cybersecurity-themed issue of BDO Scope. Our discussions and interviews highlighted the need to look beyond your own doorstep when protecting your organisation from digital threats in today’s interconnected world. Individual organisations are part of a greater, interdependent
whole. Suppliers, partners, your staff and external hires, logistics, distributors, buyers and end users – the entirespectrum of the chain must be addressed.

In addition to discipline, good cybersecurity requires reliable controls throughout that chain. You’ll only really
be safe when all relevant players are 100% serious about cybersecurity, all the links in the chain are strong and
you’ve built good security zones between them. Only then can you ensure a single cyber weakness won’t bring
down the entire chain. And you’ll also comply with new, more stringent international legislation in the process.

I hope this magazine gives you useful insights and the inspiration to create a strong, reliable business chain –
to protect your organisation and safeguard the ecosystem around it against a potentially devastating domino

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